idrg grham tat pasyantim
natipritena cetasa
pravocat kardamah svayam
idrk—such; grham—house; tat—that; pasyantim—looking at; na atipritena—not much pleased; cetasa—with a heart; sarva-bhuta—of everyone; asaya-abhijnah—understanding the heart; pravocat—he addressed; kardamahKardama; svayam—personally.
When he saw Devahuti looking at the gigantic, opulent palace with a displeased heart, Kardama Muni could understand her feelings because he could study the heart of anyone. Thus he personally addressed his wife as follows.
Devahuti had spent a long time in the hermitage, not taking much care of her body. She was covered with dirt, and her clothing was not very nice. Kardama Muni was surprised that he could produce such a palace, and similarly his wife, Devahuti, was also astonished. How could she live in that opulent palace? Kardama Muni could understand her astonishment, and thus he spoke as follows.

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