iti sayantanim sandhyam
asurah pramadayatim
pralobhayantim jagrhur
matva mudha-dhiyah striyam
iti—in this way; sayantanim—the evening; sandhyam—twilight; asurah—the demons; pramadayatim—behaving like a wanton woman; pralobhayantim—alluring; jagrhuh—seized; matva—thinking to be; mudha-dhiyah—unintelligent; striyam—a woman.
The asuras, clouded in their understanding, took the evening twilight to be a beautiful woman showing herself in her alluring form, and they seized her.
The asuras are described here as mudha-dhiyah, meaning that they are captivated by ignorance, just like the ass. The demons were captivated by the false, glaring beauty of this material form, and thus they embraced her.

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