prahasya bhava-gambhiram
jighrantyatmanam atmana
kantya sasarja bhagavan
gandharvapsarasam ganan
prahasya—smiling; bhava-gambhiram—with a deep purpose; jighrantya—understanding; atmanam—himself; atmana—by himself; kantya—by his loveliness; sasarja—created; bhagavan—the worshipful Lord Brahma; gandharva—the celestial musicians; apsarasam—and of the heavenly dancing girls; ganan—the hosts of.
With a laugh full of deep significance, the worshipful Brahma then evolved by his own loveliness, which seemed to enjoy itself by itself, the hosts of Gandharvas and Apsaras.
The musicians in the upper planetary systems are called Gandharvas, and the dancing girls are called Apsaras. After being attacked by the demons and evolving a form of a beautiful woman in the twilight, Brahma next created Gandharvas and Apsaras. Music and dancing employed in sense gratification are to be accepted as demoniac, but the same music and dancing, when employed in glorifying the Supreme Lord as kirtana, are transcendental, and they bring about a life completely fit for spiritual enjoyment.

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