naikatra te jayati salini pada-padmam
ghnantya muhuh kara-talena patat-patangam
madhyam visidati brhat-stana-bhara-bhitam
santeva drstir amala susikha-samuhah
na—not; ekatra—in one place; te—your; jayati—stay; salini—O beautiful woman; pada-padmam—lotus feet; ghnantyah—striking; muhuh—again and again; kara-talena—by the palm of the hand; patat—bouncing; patangam—the ball; madhyam—waist; visidati—gets fatigued; brhat—full grown; stana—of your breasts; bhara—by the weight; bhitam—oppressed; santa iva—as if fatigued; drstih—vision; amala—clear; su—beautiful; sikha—your hair; samuhah—bunch.
O beautiful woman, when you strike the bouncing ball against the ground with your hand again and again, your lotus feet do not stay in one place. Oppressed by the weight of your full-grown breasts, your waist becomes fatigued, and your clear vision grows dull, as it were. Pray braid your comely hair.
The demons observed beautiful gestures in the woman’s every step. Here they praise her full-grown breasts, her scattered hair and her movements in stepping forward and backward while playing with the ball. In every step they enjoy her womanly beauty, and while they enjoy her beauty their minds become agitated by sex desire. As moths at night surround a fire and are killed, so the demons become victims of the movements of the ball-like breasts of a beautiful woman. The scattered hair of a beautiful woman also afflicts the heart of a lusty demon.

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