sahacala bhuvas celur
disah sarvah prajajvaluh
solkas casanayah petuh
ketavas carti-hetavah
saha—along with; acalah—the mountains; bhuvah—of the earth; celuh—shook; disah—directions; sarvah—all; prajajvaluh—blazed like fire; sa—with; ulkah—meteors; ca—and; asanayah—thunderbolts; petuh—fell; ketavah—comets; ca—and; arti-hetavah—the cause of all inauspiciousness.
There were earthquakes along the mountains on the earth, and it appeared that there was fire everywhere. Many inauspicious planets like Saturn appeared, along with comets, meteors and thunderbolts.
When natural disturbances occur on a planet, one should understand that a demon must have taken birth there. In the present age the number of demoniac people is increasing; therefore natural disturbances are also increasing. There is no doubt about this, as we can understand from the statements of the Bhagavatam.

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