vavau vayuh suduhsparsah
phut-karan irayan muhuh
unmulayan naga-patin
vatyaniko rajo-dhvajah
vavaublew; vayuhthe winds; su-duhsparsahunpleasant to touch; phut-karanhissing sounds; irayangiving out; muhuhagain and again; unmulayanuprooting; naga-patingigantic trees; vatyacyclonic air; anikaharmies; rajahdust; dhvajahensigns.
There blew winds which were most uninviting to the touch, hissing again and again and uprooting gigantic trees. They had storms for their armies and clouds of dust for their ensigns.
When there are natural disturbances like blowing cyclones, too much heat or snowfall, and uprooting of trees by hurricanes, it is to be understood that the demoniac population is increasing and so the natural disturbance is also taking place. There are many countries on the globe, even at the present moment, where all these disturbances are current. This is true all over the world. There is insufficient sunshine, and there are always clouds in the sky, snowfall and severe cold. These assure that such places are inhabited by demoniac people who are accustomed to all kinds of forbidden, sinful activity.

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