yādo-gaṇānām ṛṣabhaṁ pracetasam
smayan pralabdhuṁ praṇipatya nīcavaj
jagāda me dehy adhirāja saṁyugam
tatra—there; upalabhya—having reached; asura-loka—of the regions where the demons reside; pālakam—the guardian; yādaḥ-gaṇānām—of the aquatic creatures; ṛṣabham—the lord; pracetasamVaruṇa; smayan—smiling; pralabdhum—to make fun; praṇipatya—having bowed down; nīca-vat—like a lowborn man; jagāda—he said; me—to me; dehi—give; adhirāja—O great lord; saṁyugam—battle.
Vibhāvarī is the home of Varuṇa, lord of the aquatic creatures and guardian of the lower regions of the universe, where the demons generally reside. There Hiraṇyākṣa fell at Varuṇa’s feet like a lowborn man, and to make fun of him he said with a smile, “Give me battle, O Supreme Lord!”
The demoniac person always challenges others and tries to occupy others’ property by force. Here these symptoms are fully displayed by Hiraṇyākṣa, who begged war from a person who had no desire to fight.

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