esa deva diter garbha
ojah kasyapam arpitam
disas timirayan sarva
vardhate ’gnir ivaidhasi
esah—this; deva—O lord; diteh—of Diti; garbhah—womb; ojah—semen; kasyapam—of Kasyapa; arpitam—deposited; disah—directions; timirayan—causing complete darkness; sarvah—all; vardhate—overloads; agnih—fire; iva—as; edhasi—fuel.
As fuel overloads a fire, so the embryo created by the semen of Kasyapa in the womb of Diti has caused complete darkness throughout the universe.
The darkness throughout the universe is explained herewith as being caused by the embryo created in the womb of Diti by the semen of Kasyapa.

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