sa tvam vidhatsva sam bhumams
tamasa lupta-karmanam
adabhra-dayaya drstya
apannan arhasiksitum
sahhe; tvamyou; vidhatsvaperform; samgood fortune; bhumanO great lord; tamasaby the darkness; luptahave been suspended; karmanamof prescribed duties; adabhramagnanimous, without reservation; dayayamercy; drstyaby your glance; apannanus, the surrendered; arhasiare able; iksitumto see.
The demigods prayed to Brahma: Please look upon us mercifully, for we have fallen into a miserable condition; because of the darkness, all our work has been suspended.
Because of complete darkness throughout the universe, the regular activities and engagements of all the different planets were suspended. In the North and South Poles of this planet there are sometimes no divisions of day and night; similarly, when the sunlight does not approach the different planets within the universe, there is no distinction between day and night.

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