namo rudraya mahate
devayograya midhuse
sivaya nyasta-dandaya
dhrta-dandaya manyave
namahall obeisances unto; rudrayaunto the angry Lord Siva; mahateunto the great; devayaunto the demigod; ugrayaunto the ferocious; midhuseunto the fulfiller of all material desires; sivayaunto the all-auspicious; nyasta-dandayaunto the forgiving; dhrta-dandayaunto the immediate chastiser; manyaveunto the angry.
Let me offer my obeisances unto the angry Lord Siva, who is simultaneously the very ferocious great demigod and the fulfiller of all material desires. He is all-auspicious and forgiving, but his anger can immediately move him to chastise.
Diti prayed for the mercy of Lord Siva very cleverly. She prayed: The lord can cause me to cry, but if he likes he can also stop my crying because he is Asutosa. He is so great that if he likes he can immediately destroy my pregnancy, but by his mercy he can also fulfill my desire that my pregnancy not be spoiled. Because he is all-auspicious, it is not difficult for him to excuse me from being punished, although he is now ready to punish me because I have moved his great anger. He appears like a man, but he is the lord of all men.

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