ditir uvaca
na me garbham imam brahman
bhutanam rsabho ’vadhit
rudrah patir hi bhutanam
yasyakaravam amhasam
ditih uvaca—the beautiful Diti said; na—not; me—my; garbham—pregnancy; imam—this; brahman—O brahmana; bhutanam—of all living entities; rsabhah—the noblest of all living entities; avadhit—let him kill; rudrah—Lord Siva; patih—master; hi—certainly; bhutanam—of all living entities; yasya—whose; akaravam—I have done; amhasam—offense.
The beautiful Diti said: My dear brahmana, kindly see that my embryo is not killed by Lord Siva, the lord of all living entities, because of the great offense I have committed against him.
Diti was conscious of her offense and was anxious to be excused by Lord Siva. Lord Siva has two popular names, Rudra and Asutosa. He is very prone to anger as well as quickly pacified. Diti knew that because of his being quickly angered he might spoil the pregnancy she had so unlawfully achieved. But because he was also Asutosa, she implored her brahmana husband to help her in pacifying Lord Siva, for her husband was a great devotee of Lord Siva. In other words, Lord Siva might have been angry with Diti because she obliged her husband to transgress the law, but he would not refuse her husband’s prayer. Therefore the application for excuse was submitted through her husband. She prayed to Lord Siva as follows.

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