ditis tu vridita tena
karmavadyena bharata
upasangamya viprarsim
adho-mukhy abhyabhasata
ditihDiti, the wife of Kasyapa; tu—but; vridita—ashamed; tena—by that; karma—act; avadyena—faulty; bharata—O son of the Bharata family; upasangamya—going nearer to; vipra-rsim—the brahmana—sage; adhah-mukhi—with her face lowered; abhyabhasata—politely said.
O son of the Bharata family, Diti, after this, went nearer to her husband, her face lowered because of her faulty action. She spoke as follows.
When one is ashamed of an abominable action, one naturally becomes down-faced. Diti came to her senses after the abominable sexual intercourse with her husband. Such sexual intercourse is condemned as prostitution. In other words, sex life with one’s wife is equal to prostitution if the regulations are not properly followed.

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