sa nah prasidatam bhamo
bhagavan urv-anugrahah
vyadhasyapy anukampyanam
strinam devah sati-patih
sahhe; nahwith us; prasidatambe pleased; bhamahbrother-in-law; bhagavanthe personality of all opulences; uruvery great; anugrahahmerciful; vyadhasyaof the hunter; apialso; anukampyanamof the objects of mercy; strinamof the women; devahthe worshipable lord; sati-patihthe husband of Sati (the chaste).
Let him be pleased with us, since he is my brother-in-law, the husband of my sister Sati. He is also the worshipable lord of all women. He is the personality of all opulences and can show mercy towards women, who are excused even by the uncivilized hunters.
Lord Siva is the husband of Sati, one of the sisters of Diti. Diti invoked the pleasure of her sister Sati so that Sati would request her husband to excuse her. Besides that, Lord Siva is the worshipable lord of all women. He is naturally very kind towards women, on whom even the uncivilized hunters also show their mercy. Since Lord Siva is himself associated with women, he knows very well their defective nature, and he might not take very seriously Ditis unavoidable offense, which occurred due to her faulty nature. Every virgin girl is supposed to be a devotee of Lord Siva. Diti remembered her childhood worship of Lord Siva and begged his mercy.

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