esa ghoratama vela
ghoranam ghora-darsana
caranti yasyam bhutani
bhutesanucarani ha
esathis time; ghora-tamamost horrible; velaperiod; ghoranamof the horrible; ghora-darsanahorrible looking; carantimove; yasyamin which; bhutanighosts; bhuta-isathe lord of the ghosts; anucaraniconstant companions; haindeed.
This particular time is most inauspicious because at this time the horrible-looking ghosts and constant companions of the lord of the ghosts are visible.
Kasyapa has already told his wife Diti to wait for a while, and now he warns her that failure to consider the particular time will result in punishment from the ghosts and evil spirits who move during this time, along with their master, Lord Rudra.

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