athapi kamam etam te
prajatyai karavany alam
yatha mam natirocanti
muhurtam pratipalaya
atha apieven though (it is not possible); kamamthis sex desire; etamas it is; teyour; prajatyaifor the sake of children; karavanilet me do; alamwithout delay; yathaas; mamunto me; namay not; atirocantireproach; muhurtama few seconds; pratipalayawait for.
Even though it is not possible to repay you, I shall satisfy your sex desire immediately for the sake of begetting children. But you must wait for only a few seconds so that others may not reproach me.
The henpecked husband may not be able to repay his wife for all the benefits that he derives from her, but as for begetting children by fulfilling sexual desire, it is not at all difficult for any husband unless he is thoroughly impotent. This is a very easy task for a husband under normal conditions. In spite of Kasyapas being very eager, he requested her to wait for a few seconds so that others might not reproach him. He explains his position as follows.

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