somas tu retah savanany avasthitih
samstha-vibhedas tava deva dhatavah
satrani sarvani sarira-sandhis
tvam sarva-yajna-kratur isti-bandhanah
somah tu retah—Your semen is the sacrifice called soma; savanani—ritualistic performances of the morning; avasthitih—different statuses of bodily growth; samstha-vibhedah—seven varieties of sacrifices; tava—Your; deva—O Lord; dhatavah—ingredients of the body such as skin and flesh; satrani—sacrifices performed over twelve days; sarvani—all of them; sarira—the bodily; sandhih—joints; tvam—Your Lordship; sarva—all; yajnaasoma sacrifices; kratuhsoma sacrifices; isti—the ultimate desire; bandhanah—attachment.
O Lord, Your semen is the sacrifice called soma-yajna. Your growth is the ritualistic performances of the morning. Your skin and touch sensations are the seven elements of the agnistoma sacrifice. Your bodily joints are symbols of various other sacrifices performed in twelve days. Therefore You are the object of all sacrifices called soma and asoma, and You are bound by yajnas only.
There are seven kinds of routine yajnas performed by all followers of the Vedic rituals, and they are called agnistoma, atyagnistoma, uktha, sodasi, vajapeya, atiratra and aptoryama. Anyone performing such yajnas regularly is supposed to be situated with the Lord. But anyone who is in contact with the Supreme Lord by discharging devotional service is understood to have performed all different varieties of yajnas.

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