tasyosnig asil lomabhyo
gayatri ca tvaco vibhoh
tristum mamsat snuto ’nustub
jagaty asthnah prajapateh
tasya—his; usnik—one of the Vedic meters; asit—generated; lomabhyah—from the hairs on the body; gayatri—the principal Vedic hymn; ca—also; tvacah—from the skin; vibhoh—of the Lord; tristup—a particular type of poetic meter; mamsat—from the flesh; snutah—from the sinews; anustup—another type of poetic meter; jagati—another type of poetic meter; asthnah—from the bones; prajapateh—of the father of the living entities.
Thereafter the art of literary expression, usnik, was generated from the hairs on the body of the almighty Prajapati. The principal Vedic hymn, gayatri, was generated from the skin, tristup from the flesh, anustup from the veins, and jagati from the bones of the lord of the living entities.

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