trasarenu-trikam bhunkte
yah kalah sa trutih smrtah
sata-bhagas tu vedhah syat
tais tribhis tu lavah smrtah
trasarenu-trikam—combination of three hexatoms; bhunkte—as they take time to integrate; yah—that which; kalah—duration of time; sah—that; trutih—by the name truti; smrtah—is called; sata-bhagah—one hundred trutis; tu—but; vedhah—called a vedha; syat—it so happens; taih—by them; tribhih—three times; tu—but; lavahlava; smrtah—so called.
The time duration needed for the integration of three trasarenus is called a truti, and one hundred trutis make one vedha. Three vedhas make one lava.
It is calculated that if a second is divided into 1687.5 parts, each part is the duration of a truti, which is the time occupied in the integration of eighteen atomic particles. Such a combination of atoms into different bodies creates the calculation of material time. The sun is the central point for calculating all different durations.

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