anur dvau paramanu syat
trasarenus trayah smrtah
kham evanupatann agat
anuh—double atom; dvau—two; parama-anu—atoms; syat—become; trasarenuh—hexatom; trayah—three; smrtah—considered; jala-arka—of sunshine through the holes of a window screen; rasmi—by the rays; avagatah—can be known; kham eva—towards the sky; anupatan agat—going up.
The division of gross time is calculated as follows: two atoms make one double atom, and three double atoms make one hexatom. This hexatom is visible in the sunshine which enters through the holes of a window screen. One can clearly see that the hexatom goes up towards the sky.
The atom is described as an invisible particle, but when six such atoms combine together, they are called a trasarenu, and this is visible in the sunshine pouring through the holes of a window screen.

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