nimesas tri-lavo jneya
amnatas te trayah ksanah
ksanan panca viduh kastham
laghu ta dasa panca ca
nimesah—the duration of time called a nimesa; tri-lavah—the duration of three lavas; jneyah—is to be known; amnatah—it is so called; te—they; trayah—three; ksanah—the duration of time called a ksana; ksanan—such ksanas; panca—five; viduh—one should understand; kastham—the duration of time called a kastha; laghu—the duration of time called a laghu; tah—those; dasa panca—fifteen; ca—also.
The duration of time of three lavas is equal to one nimesa, the combination of three nimesas makes one ksana, five ksanas combined together make one kastha, and fifteen kasthas make one laghu.
By calculation it is found that one laghu is equal to two minutes. The atomic calculation of time in terms of Vedic wisdom may be converted into present time with this understanding.

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