tri-lokyam dahyamanayam
saktya sankarsanagnina
yanty usmana maharlokaj
janam bhrgv-adayo rditah
tri-lokyam—when the spheres of the three worlds; dahyamanayam—being set ablaze; saktya—by the potency; sankarsana—from the mouth of Sankarsana; agnina—by the fire; yanti—they go; usmana—heated by the warmth; mahah-lokat—from Maharloka; janam—to Janaloka; bhrgu—the sage Bhrgu; adayah—and others; arditah—being so distressed.
The devastation takes place due to the fire emanating from the mouth of Sankarsana, and thus great sages like Bhrgu and other inhabitants of Maharloka transport themselves to Janaloka, being distressed by the warmth of the blazing fire which rages through the three worlds below.

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