tavat tri-bhuvanam sadyah
plavayanty utkatatopa-
tavat—then; tri-bhuvanam—all the three worlds; sadyah—immediately after; kalpa-anta—in the beginning of the devastation; edhita—inflated; sindhavah—all the oceans; plavayanti—inundate; utkata—violent; atopa—agitation; canda—hurricane; vata—by winds; irita—blown; urmayah—waves.
At the beginning of the devastation all the seas overflow, and hurricane winds blow very violently. Thus the waves of the seas become ferocious, and in no time at all the three worlds are full of water.
It is said that the blazing fire from the mouth of Sankarsana rages for one hundred years of the demigods, or 36,000 human years. Then for another 36,000 years there are torrents of rain, accompanied by violent winds and waves, and the seas and oceans overflow. These reactions of worlds. People forget all these devastations of the worlds and think themselves happy in the material progress of civilization. This is called maya, or “that which is not.”

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