ajata-satroh pratiyaccha dayam
titiksato durvisaham tavagah
sahanujo yatra vrkodarahih
svasan rusa yat tvam alam bibhesi
ajata-satroh—of Yudhisthira, who has no enemy; pratiyaccha—return; dayam—legitimate share; titiksatah—of he who is so forbearing; durvisaham—unbearable; tava—your; agah—offense; saha—along with; anujah—younger brothers; yatra—wherein; vrkodaraBhima; ahih—revenging snake; svasan—breathing heavily; rusa—in anger; yat—whom; tvam—you; alam—verily; bibhesi—do fear.
[Vidura said:] You must now return the legitimate share to Yudhisthira, who has no enemies and who has been forbearing through untold sufferings due to your offenses. He is waiting with his younger brothers, among whom is the revengeful Bhima, breathing heavily like a snake. Surely you are afraid of him.

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