yadopahuto bhavanam pravisto
mantraya prstah kila purvajena
athaha tan mantra-drsam variyan
yan mantrino vaidurikam vadanti
yadawhen; upahutahwas called by; bhavanamthe palace; pravistahentered; mantrayafor consultation; prstahasked by; kilaof course; purvajenaby the elder brother; athathus; ahasaid; tatthat; mantraadvice; drsamjust suitable; variyanexcellent; yatthat which; mantrinahthe ministers of state, or expert politicians; vaidurikaminstructions by Vidura; vadantido they say.
When Vidura was invited by his elder brother [Dhrtarastra] for consultation, he entered the house and gave instructions which were exactly to the point. His advice is well known, and instructions by Vidura are approved by expert ministers of state.
Political suggestions by Vidura are known as expert, just as, in modern times, Pandita Canakya is considered the authority in good counsel in both political and moral instructions.

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