dadarsa tatrakhila-satvatam patim
sriyah patim yajna-patim jagat-patim
sva-parsadagraih parisevitam vibhum
dadarsaBrahma saw; tatra—there (in Vaikunthaloka); akhila—entire; satvatam—of the great devotees; patim—the Lord; sriyah—of the goddess of fortune; patim—the Lord; yajna—of sacrifice; patim—the Lord; jagat—of the universe; patim—the Lord; sunandaSunanda; nandaNanda; prabalaPrabala; arhanaArhana; adibhih—by them; sva-parsada—own associates; agraih—by the foremost; parisevitam—being served in transcendental love; vibhum—the great Almighty.
Lord Brahma saw in the Vaikuntha planets the Personality of Godhead, who is the Lord of the entire devotee community, the Lord of the goddess of fortune, the Lord of all sacrifices, and the Lord of the universe, and who is served by the foremost servitors like Nanda, Sunanda, Prabala and Arhana, His immediate associates.
When we speak of a king it is naturally understood that the king is accompanied by his confidential associates, like his secretary, private secretary, aide-de-camp, ministers and advisers. So also when we see the Lord we see Him with His different energies, associates, confidential servitors, etc. So the Supreme Lord, who is the leader of all living entities, the Lord of all devotee sects, the Lord of all opulences, the Lord of sacrifices and the enjoyer of everything in His entire creation, is not only the Supreme Person, but also is always surrounded by His immediate associates, all engaged in their loving transcendental service to Him.

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