daityo nirgata-locanah
avyakta-ravo nyapatat
saha-balo vyasur vraje
gala-grahana-niscestah—because of Krsnas grasping the neck of the demon Trnavarta, the demon choked and could not do anything; daityah—the demon; nirgata-locanah—his eyes popped out because of pressure; avyakta-ravah—because of choking, he could not even make a sound; nyapatat—fell down; saha-balah—with the child; vyasuh vraje—lifeless on the ground of Vraja.
With Krsna grasping him by the throat, Trnavarta choked, unable to make even a sound or even to move his hands and legs. His eyes popping out, the demon lost his life and fell, along with the little boy, down to the ground of Vraja.

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