gokulam sarvam avrnvan
musnams caksumsi renubhih
irayan sumaha-ghora-
sabdena pradiso disah
gokulam—the whole tract of land known as Gokula; sarvam—everywhere; avrnvan—covering; musnan—taking away; caksumsi—the power of vision; renubhih—by particles of dust; irayan—was vibrating; su-maha-ghora—very fierce and heavy; sabdena—with a sound; pradisah disah—entered everywhere, in all directions.
Covering the whole land of Gokula with particles of dust, that demon, acting as a strong whirlwind, covered everyone’s vision and began vibrating everywhere with a greatly fearful sound.
Trnavartasura assumed the form of a whirlwind and covered with a dust storm the whole tract of land known as Gokula, so that no one could see even the nearest thing.

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