daityo namna trnavartah
kamsa-bhrtyah pranoditah
jaharasinam arbhakam
daityah—another demon; namna—by the name; trnavartah—Trnavartasura; kamsa-bhrtyah—a servant of Kamsa; pranoditah—having been induced by him; cakravata-svarupena—in the form of a whirlwind; jahara—swept away; asinam—the sitting; arbhakam—child.
While the child was sitting on the ground, a demon named Trnavarta, who was a servant of Kamsa’s, came there as a whirlwind, at Kamsa’s instigation, and very easily carried the child away into the air.
Krsna’s heaviness was unbearable for the child’s mother, but when Trnavartasura came, he immediately carried the child away. This was another demonstration of Krsna’s inconceivable energy. When the Trnavarta demon came, Krsna became lighter than the grass so that the demon could carry Him away. This was ananda-cinmaya-rasa, Krsna’s blissful, transcendental pleasure.

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