bhumau nidhaya tam gopi
vismita bhara-pidita
maha-purusam adadhyau
jagatam asa karmasu
bhumauon the ground; nidhayaplacing; tamthe child; gopimother Yasoda; vismitabeing astonished; bhara-piditabeing aggrieved by the weight of the child; maha-purusamLord Visnu, Narayana; adadhyautook shelter of; jagatamas if the weight of the whole world; asaengaged herself; karmasuin other household affairs.
Feeling the child to be as heavy as the entire universe and therefore being anxious, thinking that perhaps the child was being attacked by some other ghost or demon, the astonished mother Yasoda put the child down on the ground and began to think of Narayana. Foreseeing disturbances, she called for the brahmanas to counteract this heaviness, and then she engaged in her other household affairs. She had no alternative than to remember the lotus feet of Narayana, for she could not understand that Krsna was the original source of everything.
Mother Yasoda did not understand that Krsna is the heaviest of all heavy things and that Krsna rests within everything (mat-sthani sarva-bhutani). As confirmed in Bhagavad-gita (9.4), maya tatam idam sarvam jagad avyakta-murtina: Krsna is everywhere in His impersonal form, and everything rests upon Him. Nonetheless, na caham tesv avasthitah: Krsna is not everywhere. Mother Yasoda was unable to understand this philosophy because she was dealing with Krsna as His real mother by the arrangement of yogamaya. Not understanding the importance of Krsna, she could only seek shelter of Narayana for Krsnas safety and call the brahmanas to counteract the situation.

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