sa khe-cary ekadotpatya
putana nanda-gokulam
yositva mayayatmanam
pravisat kama-carini
sa—that (Putana); khe-cari—who traveled in outer space; ekada—once upon a time; utpatya—was flying; putana—the demon Putana; nanda-gokulam—at the place of Nanda Maharaja, Gokula; yositva—converting into a very beautiful woman; mayaya—by mystic power; atmanam—herself; pravisat—entered; kama-carini—one who could move according to her own desire.
Once upon a time, Putana Raksasi, who could move according to her desire and was wandering in outer space, converted herself by mystic power into a very beautiful woman and thus entered Gokula, the abode of Nanda Maharaja.
Raksasis learn mystic powers by which they can travel in outer space without machines. In some parts of India there are still such mystical witches, who can sit on a stick and use it to fly from one place to another in a very short time. This art was known to Putana. Assuming the feature of a very beautiful woman, she entered Nanda Maharaja’s abode, Gokula.

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