TEXTS 22–23
avyad ajo ’nghri manimams tava janv athoru
yajno ’cyutah kati-tatam jatharam hayasyah
hrt kesavas tvad-ura isa inas tu kantham
visnur bhujam mukham urukrama isvarah kam
cakry agratah saha-gado harir astu pascat
tvat-parsvayor dhanur-asi madhu-hajanas ca
konesu sankha urugaya upary upendras
tarksyah ksitau haladharah purusah samantat
avyat—may protect; ajah—Lord Aja; anghri—legs; maniman—Lord Maniman; tava—Your; janu—knees; atha—thereafter; uru—thighs; yajnah—Lord Yajna; acyutah—Lord Acyuta; kati-tatam—the upper part of the waist; jatharam—abdomen; hayasyah—Lord Hayagriva; hrt—the heart; kesavah—Lord Kesava; tvat—Your; urah—chest; isah—the supreme controller, Lord Isa; inahSurya, the sun-god; tu—but; kantham—neck; visnuh—Lord Visnu; bhujam—arms; mukham—the mouth; urukramah—Lord Urukrama; isvarah—Lord Isvara; kam—head; cakri—the carrier of the disc; agratah—in front; saha-gadah—the carrier of the club; harih—Lord Hari; astu—may He remain; pascat—on the back; tvat-parsvayoh—on both sides; dhanuh-asi—the carrier of the bow and the sword; madhu-ha—the killer of the demon Madhu; ajanah—Lord Visnu; ca—and; konesu—in the corners; sankhah—the carrier of the conchshell; urugayah—who is well worshiped; upari—above; upendrah—Lord Upendra; tarksyahGaruda; ksitau—on the surface; haladharah—Lord Haladhara; purusah—the Supreme Person; samantat—on all sides.
[Sukadeva Gosvami informed Maharaja Pariksit that the gopis, following the proper system, protected Krsna, their child, with this mantra.] May Aja protect Your legs, may Maniman protect Your knees, Yajna Your thighs, Acyuta the upper part of Your waist, and Hayagriva Your abdomen. May Kesava protect Your heart, Isa Your chest, the sun-god Your neck, Visnu Your arms, Urukrama Your face, and Isvara Your head. May Cakri protect You from the front; may Sri Hari, Gadadhari, the carrier of the club, protect You from the back; and may the carrier of the bow, who is known as the enemy of Madhu, and Lord Ajana, the carrier of the sword, protect Your two sides. May Lord Urugaya, the carrier of the conchshell, protect You from all corners; may Upendra protect You from above; may Garuda protect You on the ground; and may Lord Haladhara, the Supreme Person, protect You on all sides.
Even in the houses of the cultivators, who were not very advanced in the modern ways of civilization, the ladies used to know how to chant mantras to give protection to children with the help of cow dung and cow urine. This was a simple and practical way to give the greatest protection from the greatest dangers. People should know how to do this, for this is a part of Vedic civilization.

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