patamano pi tad-dehas
curnayam asa rajendra
mahad asit tad adbhutam
patamanah apieven while falling down; tat-dehahher gigantic body; tri-gavyuti-antarawithin a limit of twelve miles; drumanall kinds of trees; curnayam asasmashed; rajendraO King Pariksit; mahat asitwas quite gigantic; tatthat body; adbhutamand very, very wonderful.
O King Pariksit, when the gigantic body of Putana fell to the ground, it smashed all the trees within a limit of twelve miles. Appearing in a gigantic body, she was certainly extraordinary.
Because of the grievous hurt imposed upon her by Krsnas sucking her breast, Putana, while dying, not only left the room but abandoned the village and fell down in the pasturing ground in her gigantic body.

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