sri-vasudeva uvaca
karo vai varsiko datto
rajne drsta vayam ca vah
neha stheyam bahu-titham
santy utpatas ca gokule
sri-vasudevah uvacaSri Vasudeva replied; karahthe taxes; vaiindeed; varsikahyearly; dattahhave already been paid by you; rajneto the King; drstahhave been seen; vayam caboth of us; vahof you; nanot; ihain this place; stheyamshould be staying; bahu-tithamfor many days; santimay be; utpatah camany disturbances; gokulein your home, Gokula.
Vasudeva said to Nanda Maharaja: Now, my dear brother, since you have paid the annual taxes to Kamsa and have also seen me, do not stay in this place for many days. It is better to return to Gokula, since I know that there may be some disturbances there.

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