nunam hy adrsta-nistho ’yam
adrsta-paramo janah
adrstam atmanas tattvam
yo veda na sa muhyati
nunam—certainly; hi—indeed; adrsta—unseen; nisthah ayam—something ends there; adrsta—the unseen destiny; paramah—ultimate; janah—every living entity within this material world; adrstam—that destiny; atmanah—of oneself; tattvam—ultimate truth; yah—anyone who; veda—knows; na—not; sah—he; muhyati—becomes bewildered.
Every man is certainly controlled by destiny, which determines the results of one’s fruitive activities. In other words, one has a son or daughter because of unseen destiny, and when the son or daughter is no longer present, this also is due to unseen destiny. Destiny is the ultimate controller of everyone. One who knows this is never bewildered.
Nanda Maharaja consoled his younger brother Vasudeva by saying that destiny is ultimately responsible for everything. Vasudeva should not be unhappy that his many children had been killed by Kamsa or that the last child, the daughter, had gone to the heavenly planets.

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