tathapi devah sapatnyan
nopeksya iti manmahe
tatas tan-mula-khanane
niyunksvasman anuvratan
tatha api—still; devah—the demigods; sapatnyat—due to enmity; na upeksyah—should not be neglected; iti manmahe—this is our opinion; tatah—therefore; tat-mula-khanane—to uproot them completely; niyunksva—engage; asman—us; anuvratan—who are ready to follow you.
Nonetheless, because of their enmity, our opinion is that the demigods should not be neglected. Therefore, to uproot them completely, engage us in fighting with them, for we are ready to follow you.
According to moral instructions, one should not neglect to extinguish fire completely, treat diseases completely, and clear debts completely. Otherwise they will increase and later be difficult to stop. Therefore the ministers advised Kamsa to uproot his enemies completely.

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