kim ksema-surair vibudhair
raho-jusa kim harina
sambhuna va vanaukasa
kim indrenalpa-viryena
brahmana va tapasyata
kim—what is there to fear; ksema—in a place where there is a scarcity of the ability to fight; suraih—by the demigods; vibudhaih—by such powerful persons; asamyuga-vikatthanaih—by boasting and talking uselessly, away from the fighting; rahah-jusa—who is living in a solitary place within the core of the heart; kim harina—what is the fear from Lord Visnu; sambhuna—(and what is the fear) from Lord Siva; va—either; vana-okasa—who is living in the forest; kim indrena—what is the fear from Indra; alpa-viryena—he is not at all powerful (having no power to fight with you); brahmana—and what is the fear from Brahma; va—either; tapasyata—who is always engaged in meditation.
The demigods boast uselessly while away from the battlefield. Only where there is no fighting can they show their prowess. Therefore, from such demigods we have nothing to fear. As for Lord Visnu, He is in seclusion in the core of the hearts of the yogis. As for Lord Siva, he has gone to the forest. And as for Lord Brahma, he is always engaged in austerities and meditation. The other demigods, headed by Indra, are devoid of prowess. Therefore you have nothing to fear.
Kamsa’s ministers told Kamsa that all the exalted demigods had fled in fear of him. One had gone to the forest, one to the core of the heart, and one to engage in tapasya. “Thus you can be free from all fear of the demigods,” they said. “Just prepare to fight.”

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