bhratuh samanutaptasya
ksanta-rosa ca devaki
vyasrjad vasudevas ca
prahasya tam uvaca ha
bhratuh—toward her brother Kamsa; samanutaptasya—because of his being regretful; ksanta-rosa—was relieved of anger; ca—also; devaki—Krsna’s mother, Devaki; vyasrjat—gave up; vasudevah caVasudeva also; prahasya—smiling; tam—unto Kamsa; uvaca—said; ha—in the past.
When Devaki saw her brother actually repentant while explaining ordained events, she was relieved of all anger. Similarly, Vasudeva was also free from anger. Smiling, he spoke to Kamsa as follows.
Devaki and Vasudeva, both highly elevated personalities, accepted the truth presented by Kamsa that everything is ordained by providence. According to the prophecy, Kamsa would be killed by the eighth child of Devaki. Therefore, Vasudeva and Devaki saw that behind all these incidents was a great plan devised by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Because the Lord had already taken birth, just like a human child, and was in the safe custody of Yasoda, everything was happening according to plan, and there was no need to continue their ill feeling toward Kamsa. Thus they accepted Kamsa’s words.

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