evam etan maha-bhaga
yatha vadasi dehinam
sva-pareti bhida yatah
evamyes, this is right; etatwhat you have said; maha-bhagaO great personality; yathaas; vadasiyou are speaking; dehinamabout living entities (accepting material bodies); ajnana-prabhavaby the influence of ignorance; aham-dhihthis is my interest (false ego); sva-para itithis is anothers interest; bhidadifferentiation; yatahbecause of such a conception of life.
O great personality Kamsa, only by the influence of ignorance does one accept the material body and bodily ego. What you have said about this philosophy is correct. Persons in the bodily concept of life, lacking self-realization, differentiate in terms of This is mine and This belongs to another.
Everything is done automatically by the laws of nature, which work under the direction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. There is no question of doing anything independently, for one who has put himself in this material atmosphere is fully under the control of natures laws. Our main business, therefore, should be to get out of this conditioned life and again become situated in spiritual existence. Only due to ignorance does a person think, I am a demigod, I am a human being, I am a dog, I am a cat, or, when the ignorance is still further advanced, I am God. Unless one is fully self-realized, ones life of ignorance will continue.

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