sa tv ahaṁ tyakta-kāruṇyas
tyakta-jñāti-suhṛt khalaḥ
kān lokān vai gamiṣyāmi
brahma-heva mṛtaḥ śvasan
saḥ—that person (Kaṁsa); tu—indeed; aham—I; tyakta-kāruṇyaḥ—devoid of all mercy; tyakta-jñāti-suhṛt—my relatives and friends have been rejected by me; khalaḥ—cruel; kān lokān—which planets; vai—indeed; gamiṣyāmi—shall go; brahma- iva—like the killer of a brāhmaṇa; mṛtaḥ śvasan—either after death or while breathing.
Being merciless and cruel, I have forsaken all my relatives and friends. Therefore, like a person who has killed a brāhmaṇa, I do not know to which planet I shall go, either after death or while breathing.

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