aho bhaginy aho bhama
maya vam bata papmana
purusada ivapatyam
bahavo himsitah sutah
aho—alas; bhagini—my dear sister; aho—alas; bhama—my dear brother-in-law; maya—by me; vam—of you; bata—indeed; papmana—because of sinful activities; purusa-adah—a Raksasa, man-eater; iva—like; apatyam—child; bahavah—many; himsitah—have been killed; sutah—sons.
Alas, my sister! Alas, my brother-in-law! I am indeed so sinful that exactly like a man-eater [Raksasa] who eats his own child, I have killed so many sons born of you.
Raksasas are understood to be accustomed to eating their own sons, as snakes and many other animals sometimes do. At the present moment in Kali-yuga, Raksasa fathers and mothers are killing their own children in the womb, and some are even eating the fetus with great relish. Thus the so-called civilization is gradually advancing by producing Raksasas.

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