gopas tad-rodhanayasa-
durgadhva-krcchrato bhyetya
go-vatsair dadrsuh sutan
gopahthe cowherd men; tat-rodhana-ayasaof their attempt to stop the cows from going to their calves; maughyaon account of the frustration; lajjabeing ashamed; uru-manyunaand at the same time becoming very angry; durga-adhva-krcchratahalthough they passed the very rough way with great difficulty; abhyetyaafter reaching there; go-vatsaihalong with the calves; dadrsuhsaw; sutantheir respective sons.
The cowherd men, having been unable to check the cows from going to their calves, felt simultaneously ashamed and angry. They crossed the rough road with great difficulty, but when they came down and saw their own sons, they were overwhelmed by great affection.
Everyone was increasing in affection for Krsna. When the cowherd men coming down from the hill saw their own sons, who were no one else than Krsna, their affection increased.

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