tato nrponmardana-majja-lepana-
samlalitah svacaritaih praharsayan
sayam gato yama-yamena madhavah
tatah—thereafter; nrpa—O King (Maharaja Pariksit); unmardana—by massaging them with oil; majja—by bathing; lepana—by smearing the body with oil and sandalwood pulp; alankara—by decorating with ornaments; raksa—by chanting protective mantras; tilaka—by decorating the body with tilaka marks in twelve places; asana-adibhih—and by feeding them sumptuously; samlalitah—in this way cared for by the mothers; sva-acaritaih—by their characteristic behavior; praharsa-yan—making the mothers very much pleased; sayam—evening; gatah—arrived; yama-yamena—as the time of each activity passed; madhavah—Lord Krsna.
Thereafter, O Maharaja Pariksit, as required according to the scheduled round of His pastimes, Krsna returned in the evening, entered the house of each of the cowherd boys, and engaged exactly like the former boys, thus enlivening their mothers with transcendental pleasure. The mothers took care of the boys by massaging them with oil, bathing them, smearing their bodies with sandalwood pulp, decorating them with ornaments, chanting protective mantras, decorating their bodies with tilaka and giving them food. In this way, the mothers served Krsna personally.

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