kvapy adrstvantar-vipine
vatsan palams ca visva-vit
sarvam vidhi-krtam krsnah
sahasavajagama ha
kva api—anywhere; adrstva—not seeing at all; antah-vipine—within the forest; vatsan—the calves; palan ca—and their caretakers, the cowherd boys; visva-vitKrsna, who is aware of everything going on throughout the whole cosmic manifestation; sarvam—everything; vidhi-krtam—was executed by Brahma; krsnah—Lord Krsna; sahasa—immediately; avajagama ha—could understand.
When Krsna was unable to find the calves and their caretakers, the cowherd boys, anywhere in the forest, He could suddenly understand that this was the work of Lord Brahma.
Although Krsna is visva-vit, the knower of everything happening in the entire cosmic manifestation, as an innocent child He showed ignorance of Brahmas actions, although He could immediately understand that these were the doings of Brahma. This pastime is called brahma-vimohana, the bewilderment of Brahma. Brahma was already bewildered by Krsnas activities as an innocent child, and now he would be further bewildered.

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