tatah krsno mudam kartum
tan-matrnam ca kasya ca
ubhayayitam atmanam
cakre visva-krd isvarah
tatah—thereafter; krsnah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; mudam—pleasure; kartum—to create; tat-matrnam ca—of the mothers of the cowherd boys and calves; kasya ca—and (the pleasure) of Brahma; ubhayayitam—expansion, both as the calves and as the cowherd boys; atmanam—Himself; cakre—did; visva-krt isvarah—it was not difficult for Him, for He is the creator of the whole cosmic manifestation.
Thereafter, just to create pleasure both for Brahma and for the mothers of the calves and cowherd boys, Krsna, the creator of the entire cosmic manifestation, expanded Himself as calves and boys.
Although Brahma was already entangled in bewilderment, he wanted to show his power to the cowherd boys; but after he took away the boys and their calves and returned to his abode, Krsna created further astonishment for Brahma, and for the mothers of the boys, by establishing the lunch pastimes in the forest again and replacing all the calves and boys, just as they had appeared before. According to the Vedas, ekam bahu syam: the Personality of Godhead can become many, many millions upon millions of calves and cowherd boys, as He did to bewilder Brahma more and more.

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