tato vatsan adrstvaitya
puline pi ca vatsapan
ubhav api vane krsno
vicikaya samantatah
tatah—thereafter; vatsan—the calves; adrstva—not seeing there within the forest; etya—after; puline api—to the bank of the Yamuna; ca—also; vatsapan—could not see the cowherd boys; ubhau api—both of them (the calves and the cowherd boys); vane—within the forest; krsnah—Lord Krsna; vicikaya—searched all over; samantatah—here and there.
Thereafter, when Krsna was unable to find the calves, He returned to the bank of the river, but there He was also unable to see the cowherd boys. Thus He began to search for both the calves and the boys, as if He could not understand what had happened.
Krsna could immediately understand that Brahma had taken away both the calves and the boys, but as an innocent child He searched here and there so that Brahma could not understand Krsnas maya. This was all a dramatic performance. A player knows everything, but still he plays on the stage in such a way that others do not understand him.

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