tato ítikayasya niruddha-margino
hy udgirna-drster bhramatas tv itas tatah
purno íntar-ange pavano niruddho
murdhan vinirbhidya vinirgato bahih
tatah—after Krsna took action to kill the demonís body from within the mouth; ati-kayasya—of that great demon, who had expanded his body to a very large size; niruddha-marginah—because of suffocating, all outlets being stopped up; hi udgirna-drsteh—whose eyes had popped out; bhramatah tu itah tatah—the eyeballs, or the life air, moving here and there; purnah—completely filled; antah-ange—within the body; pavanah—the life air; niruddhah—being stopped; murdhan—the hole in the top of the head; vinirbhidya—breaking; vinirgatah—went out; bahih—externally.
Then, because Krsna had increased the size of His body, the demon extended his own body to a very large size. Nonetheless, his breathing stopped, he suffocated, and his eyes rolled here and there and popped out. The demonís life air, however, could not pass through any outlet, and therefore it finally burst out through a hole in the top of the demonís head.

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