ittham mitho ’tathyam ataj-jna-bhasitam
srutva vicintyety amrsa mrsayate
rakso viditvakhila-bhuta-hrt-sthitah
svanam niroddhum bhagavan mano dadhe
ittham—in this way; mithah—or another; atathyam—a subject matter that is not a fact; a-tat-jna—without knowledge; bhasitam—while they were talking; srutvaKrsna hearing them; vicintya—thinking; iti—thus; amrsa—actually, truly; mrsayate—who is trying to appear as a false thing (actually the animal was Aghasura, but because of poor knowledge they were thinking him to be a dead python); raksah—(Krsna, however, could understand that) he was a demon; viditva—knowing it; akhila-bhuta-hrt-sthitah—because He is antaryami, situated everywhere, in the core of everyone’s heart; svanam—of His own associates; niroddhum—just to forbid them; bhagavan—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; manah dadhe—made up His mind.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna, who is situated as antaryami, the Supersoul, in the core of everyone’s heart, heard the boys talking among themselves about the artificial python. Unknown to them, it was actually Aghasura, a demon who had appeared as a python. Krsna, knowing this, wanted to forbid His associates to enter the demon’s mouth.

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