dharadharostho jaladottarostho
dary-anananto giri-srnga-damstrah
dhvantantar-asyo vitatadhva-jihvah
dhara—on the surface of the globe; adhara-osthah—whose lower lip; jalada-uttara-osthah—whose upper lip was touching the clouds; dari-anana-antah—whose mouth was expanded very widely like a mountain cave; giri-srnga—like a mountain peak; damstrah—whose teeth; dhvanta-antah-asyah—within whose mouth the atmosphere was as dark as possible; vitata-adhva-jihvah—whose tongue was like a broad way; parusa-anila-svasa—whose breath was like a warm wind; dava-iksana-usnah—and whose glance was like flames of fire.
His lower lip rested on the surface of the earth, and his upper lip was touching the clouds in the sky. The borders of his mouth resembled the sides of a big cave in a mountain, and the middle of his mouth was as dark as possible. His tongue resembled a broad traffic-way, his breath was like a warm wind, and his eyes blazed like fire.

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