drstva tam tadrsam sarve
matva vrndavana-sriyam
hy utpreksante sma lilaya
drstva—seeing; tam—that Aghasura; tadrsam—in that posture; sarveKrsna and all the cowherd boys; matva—thought it; vrndavana-sriyam—a beautiful statue of Vrndavana; vyatta—spread; ajagara-tundena—with the form of a python’s mouth; hi—indeed; utpreksante—as if observing; sma—in the past; lilaya—as a matter of pastimes.
Upon seeing this demon’s wonderful form, which resembled a great python, the boys thought that it must be a beautiful scenic spot of Vrndavana. Thereafter, they imagined it to be similar to the mouth of a great python. In other words, the boys, unafraid, thought that it was a statue made in the shape of a great python for the enjoyment of their pastimes.
Some of the boys, upon seeing this wonderful phenomenon, thought that it was in fact a python, and they were fleeing from the spot. But others said, “Why are you fleeing? It is not possible that a python like this is staying here. This is a spot of beauty for sporting.” This is what they imagined.

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