drstva nipatitam bhumau
divas cyutam ivamaram
pranemuh pandava bhismam
sanugah saha cakrina
drstvathus seeing; nipatitamlying down; bhumauon the ground; divahfrom the sky; cyutamfallen; ivalike; amaramdemigod; pranemuhbowed down; pandavahthe sons of Pandu; bhismamunto Bhisma; sa-anugahwith the younger brothers; sahaalso with; cakrinathe Lord (carrying the disc).
Seeing him [Bhisma] lying on the ground, like a demigod fallen from the sky, the Pandava King Yudhisthira, along with his younger brothers and Lord Krsna, bowed down before him.
Lord Krsna was also a younger cousin of Maharaja Yudhisthira as well as the intimate friend of Arjuna. But all the family members of the Pandavas knew Lord Krsna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Lord, although conscious of His supreme position, always behaved in a humanly custom, and so He also bowed down before the dying Bhismadeva as if He were one of the younger brothers of King Yudhisthira.

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